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The High River Recycle Centre and the yard waste drop off are located at Operational Services at 640 7 Street N.W.

Thank you for recycling,.

Fall and Winter Hours 

Beginning November 1st: Sunday – Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm

Pre-sort ahead of time to ensure quick drop-offs

Please pre-sort recycling to minimize time at the Recycle Centre. Social distancing is required while dropping off recycling. There may be line-ups following the holidays – pre-sorting will help everyone to drop off more quickly and safely. Thank you for recycling.

Holiday Recycling Tips – what goes where?

Accepted for recycling
> Christmas wrapping paper (glossy or matte but NOT foil) and tissue can go into the mixed paper bin
> Please remove all ribbons, bows, string and as much tape as possible before placing it in the bin
> Christmas trees can once again be dropped off during open hours – please remove all decorations and lighting

Not accepted for recycling –
please dispose of in garbage bins or bring to the landfill
> Christmas lights and pre-lit Christmas trees are not accepted for recycling
> Foil wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are not accepted for recycling


Please note that the centre is not open on Statutory Holidays. Items cannot be left after hours. 

What we accept

  • Clear Glass: No coloured glass, ceramics, mirrors or safety glass items at this time
  • Mixed paper: Magazines, phone books, and white bonded paper and box board (thin, lightweight paperboard packaging i.e.: cereal/snack boxes and Kleenex boxes)
  • Newsprint: Includes all inserts and flyers in your newspaper
  • Tin cans: Must be cleaned and labels removed
  • Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard with ridges
  • Mixed rigid plastics: All plastics #1-#7. Only plastics with a printed number on them are able to be recycled
  • Soft plastics: Plastic bags or soft plastic packaging
  • Styrofoam: White polystyrene packaging that is clean, free of tape, staples and contaminants. Food packages, soiled or dirty packaging, hard materials or coloured polystyrene will not be accepted 
  • Cell phones: Drop off any old cell phones
  • Batteries: Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, SSLA/Pb, Li-Ion, Ni-Zn batteries under 5 kg for recycling
  • Electronics: Eligible products include televisions, computers (CPU, keyboard, mouse, cables, and speakers), monitors, printers, laptops and tablets

Not for recycling:

  • Garbage
  • Oil containers, lawn care containers (pesticides)
  • Tires
  • Refrigerators
  • Vehicle batteries or any batteries over 5kg
  • Wood
  • Dirty plastic wrapping such as Saran Wrap or meat packaging
  • Corrugated cardboard such as pizza boxes that are greasy or have food particles in them

We ask residents to please ensure all recyclables are clean. Dirty cardboard or plastics contaminate our loads and cost the Town money at the sorting facility. Residents who do not want to clean their recyclables are asked to please place them in their residential garbage to minimize the risk of contaminating recycling loads.

There is signage, with examples, at the Recycling Centre to help residents properly sort their recyclables. Please ask Town personnel who are on-site for help if you have questions.

Foothills Recycling and Salvage Society (FRSS)

The Foothills salvage centre accepts household items, clothing and other merchandise in usable condition. The centre is run by the Foothills Recycling and Salvage Society (FRSS), which is a non-profit society dedicated to keeping usable and recyclable items out of the landfill and to make items accessible and affordable.

They recently moved into a new 11,000 sq ft.  facility located adjacent to the Foothills Regional Landfill site on Highway 783, approximately 13 km north of High River. They rely on a dedicated group of volunteers to help run the facility and have recently partnered with High River and Okotoks correctional services; a recognized volunteer program for individuals with minor offence violations who must complete community service hours.

Hours of operation are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Sat. For more information on how to donate, volunteer and/or shop at the centre, Click here to go their website.