Flowers spring

Sprucing Up for Spring

A seasonal checklist that keeps you informed of all that our Parks staff do to keep the Town beautiful—and how you can contribute.

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to keep our Town looking so picturesque?

Well, our Parks staff work tirelessly all year round, and we've put together a handy seasonal checklist to give you the inside scoop on everything they do to maintain our beautiful community spaces. From weekly playground inspections to preparing for each Farmers' Market, there's always something happening to enhance our Town's beauty. Plus, we'll share some easy ways you can pitch in and make a difference too.

Together, let's keep our Town looking its best!

Town Activities

  • Weekly playground inspections to ensure equipment is in optimal shape and safe to use
  • Tennis courts are now open and will be maintained througout the season

How You Can Help

  • Now is the time to trim hedges and trees (with the exception of elm trees). This makes navigating our sidewalks easier
  • Be mindful of black knot disease, which typically impacts ornamental and fruit-bearing species of trees. Pruning infected branches is an effective way to curtail the disease