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Apply to the Memorial Tree and Bench Program by March 31

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(HIGH RIVER, AB) The deadline to apply for the Memorial Tree and Bench program is Sunday, March 31.

The program commemorates milestones and special moments by installing memorial trees or benches in natural spaces throughout High River, providing an opportunity to contribute to the community for generations to come.

For a memorial tree, participants can select from various types of evergreen, deciduous, or fruiting trees, priced at $500 each. For a memorial bench, participants can choose a location along the Happy Trails or in one of the parks and green spaces, with a cost of $1,500 per bench.

All trees and benches are installed in the Spring, with the installation date determined by the Parks Department schedule on a seasonal basis.

More details on the program and application forms can be found in the Trees and Natural Spaces section of the website.

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