Council Adopts Town’s First Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan: Implementing Local Strategies for Climate Resilience

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HIGH RIVER — High River is taking a significant stride towards a more sustainable and resilient future with the adoption of the Town’s first Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan. High River’s Town Council formally adopted the plan at the November 27 meeting after a thorough review of community input and feedback.

The plan goal is to implement actions that will help build community resilience and take proactive steps to adapt to climate change. Fifty-five adaptation measures are identified in the plan. The Town is responsible for implementing the measures. Staff teams will work to implement short, medium, and long term projects to support each of the adaptation measures.

Funding Support
The Town received $80,000 in funding to support the plan's development. The Town of High River acknowledges the support of the Government of Alberta, which is funding this project through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program. The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is a collaborative effort of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta. The Town will continue to seek future grants and opportunities for funding over the coming years.

Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, Rebecca Schulz, applauded the community’s work. “Nobody knows better than the people living and working in High River what works best and what actions you should take,” she said. “Alberta’s government is proud to support communities across the province. I’m looking forward to hearing more as High River moves forward with its plan.”

Local Knowledge and Experience Key to Plan Development
Local climate resilience strategies identified in the plan were founded in part on experiences and knowledge of High River residents. In addition to feedback from residents, community Task Force members played an important role in shaping the plan to ensure that local knowledge is integrated.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass expressed thanks to the community for their ongoing feedback and interest in these forward-thinking plans. “Our commitment to climate resilience reflects the values of our community, which experienced impacts of climate change with the 2013 flood. We’ve demonstrated first-hand how communities can be resilient and rebound,” he stated. “This year, High River offered its expertise and advice to communities hit by record-wildfires in Alberta and elsewhere. Through implementing the Climate Change and Adaptation Action Plan, we will continue to protect our residents, help others and learn new things as we work together through the list of projects.”

Building community awareness of the need to adapt to climate change is an important aspect of the plan. This will be done through sharing information and resources as the Town carries out identified projects.

Learn More:
To learn more about the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan, please visit the Town’s website where you can find the approved plan, executive summary and What We Heard reports that summarize community contributions and interests.

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