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Town Of High River 2021 Official Election Results

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by Town of High River


October 18, 2021

For Immediate Release

High River – The Town of High River is pleased to share the official results of the 2021 Municipal Election. High River residents have elected a Mayor and Council that will govern over the next four years.

Craig Snodgrass has been re-elected as Mayor for a third term.

The following candidates have been elected as Councillors and will form our new Town Council:

Michael Nychyk

Jamie Kinghorn

Jenny Jones

Jamie Barton

Kelly Killick-Smit

Brenda Walsh

The newly elected Mayor and Council will be sworn in Monday, October 25 with Senator Tannas officiating the ceremony. The official ceremony will be live streamed. Details on the live stream will be posted on the Town of High River social media and website in the coming days.

Final 2021 Municipal Election Count:


Jeff Langford – 1586

Craig Snodgrass* – 2626


Jamie Barton* – 1866

Ken Bayliff – 538

Terry G. Coleman – 1546

Dominick Dodge – 560

Deborah Gauger – 1529

Jenny Jones* – 2255

Kelly Killick-Smit* – 1860

Jamie Kinghorn* – 2310

David Moretta – 1737

Michael Nychyk* – 2409

Rylan Siggelkow – 1704

Monty Stafford – 1232

Dominick VonRaven – 276

Brenda Walsh* – 1769


4078 residents voted in the local Aquatic Facility Referendum. The preliminary results are as follows: 1866 voted YES, 2212 voted NO.

Results of the referendum vote are being provided to new Town Council for consideration and final decision and will be shared with residents at a future Council meeting.

Final Voting Numbers

  • High River has approximately 11,000 eligible voters based on 2019 Census
  • 3383 total voters in 2017
  • 5014 total voters in 2021
  • 48% total voter increase in 2021 vs 2017
  • 46% of the approximate eligible voters based on the 2019 Census voted in the 2021 Election

For more information, please visit highriver.ca/election.

Media Contact:

Town of High River Communications


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