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High River Osprey Nesting Platform Moves to New Location Due to Bank Erosion

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HIGH RIVER - An Osprey nesting platform constructed along the Highwood River in 2015 will be moved to a new location this week. The relocation will move the nesting platform from its current location north of Beachwood in the old Mercer lands, to a more stable area further down the riverbank.

The nesting platform project was funded in part through private donations. It has been regularly occupied by these beautiful birds since 2017, offering a desirable, high location close to the river. Seeing the Osprey dive for fish along the Highwood River is a highlight for birdwatchers and others who appreciate nature so close to our doorstep.

The riverbank along the current nesting platform location has seen significant erosion. Later this year, the Town will undertake a bank armouring project to shore up this area. In consultation with a biologist, it was determined that moving the platform while the nest is not occupied is important. The new site chosen for the platform will also be far enough from the bank armouring activity that it will not disturb the birds while nesting.

Do not disturb the birds while nesting this spring!

In early April Ospreys will return to nest along the Highwood River. The nesting platform is easily recognizable; therefore, the public is asked to give the birds lots of distance while they nest. Please avoid disturbing any nesting sites along the river, so that Ospreys and other birds will continue to flourish in this area.

A contractor for the Town will relocate the platform over the coming week. All efforts will be made to protect the existing nest. Alberta Environment has also been consulted and they have indicated an approval is not necessary. Please stay clear of the relocation activity to give the contractors room to work and for your safety.

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