High River’s Taxes are Lower than Similar Municipalities - Learn more in the 2021 Property Tax Newsletter

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High River’s Taxes are Lower than Similar Municipalities
Learn more in the 2021 Property Tax Newsletter

High River Town Council has approved the 2021 municipal budget, keeping Town revenue at 2020 levels. With the challenges experienced by High River residents during the COVID-19 pandemic top of mind, Council continues to hold the line on taxes for 2021 to help ease the financial burden on residents.

A 2021 Property Tax Newsletter explaining the 2021 municipal budget has been mailed to all residents in High River, providing detailed information about this year’s budget. In the newsletter you will find that High River has lower than average municipal property tax rates in the region for residential properties and one of the lowest municipal property tax rates for commercial and industrial properties when compared with similar municipalities in a 2021 property tax survey.

A copy of this mail-out can be viewed of downloaded to read or print here:

2021 Property Tax Newsletter

The newsletter also provides charts showing how the Town uses taxes collected to provide services to residents by key services areas. The top key service areas are Protective Services, Fire, Streets & Roads and Parks & Recreation.

The graph below is a breakdown showing how one tax dollar is spent towards the services provided by the Town. For example, 15 cents of every dollar goes towards Fire Services:

Holding the line on operations and revenue does not mean all residents will pay the same taxes as in 2020:

  • Overall, there is a 0% tax increase for the Town.
  • When setting the tax rate, Council reviews the revenue needed to operate and considers the overall impact of property assessments in High River.
  • A decrease in overall property values may result in an increase in taxes for some residents and a decrease for others.

Holding the line for two years in a row does not mean there is a significant impacts to services. Council and Administration remain focused on Strategic Priorities, with approved capital projects and new initiatives already underway for 2021. To view major projects for 2021 click HERE.

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

This plan allows you to pay your property taxes in equal monthly installments instead of one single annual payment. You can apply for the program if their tax account is up-to-date. Payment is automatically transferred from your bank account on the 15th of each month. To learn more or to sign up for the TIPP program,visit the Town’s Property Taxes page. Property Taxes page.

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