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Hamptons Bypass Project Remaining Work and Expected Completion

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HIGH RIVER – We are pleased to provide this update on the Hamptons Bypass project, specifically regarding the expected opening dates for the south roundabout and bypass road. As many of you are aware, the road and south roundabout have been paved. In addition, landscaping and area clean-up have both been underway.

We understand that everyone is eager to see the roundabout open and are happy to share anticipated opening dates:

  • October 15: South Roundabout expected opening date.
  • October 30: Bypass Road expected opening date.

Both dates depend on weather conditions in the coming weeks, and on the completion of important tasks so they can be safely opened to the public. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this project and will provide timely updates as we progress toward these important dates. You are invited to visit the web page, to learn more about this project.

The remaining work includes:

  1. Sidewalks for Pedestrians: We are committed to ensuring the safety of pedestrians. Sidewalks around the roundabout are being constructed for pedestrians and other uses.
  2. Signage: Sign installation is in progress to guide drivers safely through the roundabout.
  3. Line Painting: To define lanes and ensure traffic moves efficiently.
  4. Pathway Connections: Connecting to the roundabout is important for accessibility and convenience. Work was temporarily diverted to the pathway connection, to assist with the return to school. These connections are being completed.
  5. Landscaping Completion: To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the roundabout and the surrounding area, landscaping work is ongoing.

Safety is a top priority as we near completion. We are committed to delivering an improved road system for the Hampton Hills that meets the highest standards. Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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