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Prevention and Reporting Tips for Water Buildup on Roads and Sidewalks

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Prevention and Reporting Tips for Water Buildup on Roads and Sidewalks

HIGH RIVER – It's the time of year when fluctuating temperatures can cause water buildup, also known as overland water. The Town is here to help with prevention tips and information on how and when to report overland water issues. 

What is Overland Water? 

Overland water occurs through the repeated melting and freezing of water, causing a buildup of puddles on residential streets, private driveways, local pathways, and sidewalks. While this water buildup can be a pain, residents are reminded that overland water is a natural occurrence, and it is not considered as an emergency until water is causing damage or issues to homes or properties.

Preventing Overland Water Issues:

Town of High River crews have implemented measures to ensure storm drains stay thawed and built-up water can flow efficiently and effectively into our systems.

Here are several tips that residents can follow to help prevent water buildup on their property:

  • Check storm drains regularly to ensure they are clean and free from debris. This will allow for the effective drainage of street water. 
  • Ensure eavestroughs are pointed away from your home and lead water from gutters away from your home's foundation. 
  • Clear snow from sidewalks and driveways onto lawns and gardens instead of roads. This waters your lawn and keeps drains clear, allowing street water to drain effectively.
  • Check your home's exterior regularly for soil erosion, cracks, or issues with its walls or foundation.

How to Report Overland Water? 

Residents can report puddles and water buildup to our Public Works team. Upon reporting, your request will be added to a prioritized troubleshooting list. To join the troubleshooting list, please contact the Town of High River Public Works team at 403-652-4657 or submit feedback online by visiting

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