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Seasonal RV Parking Restrictions Begin on October 30

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On Monday, October 30, seasonal recreational vehicle (RV) parking restrictions will come into effect.

Between October 30 and April 1, residents must park RVs within private property limits or use one of High River's RV storage lots. More details can be found in Traffic Bylaw 4563/2019:

  • No person shall keep or maintain an RV in a Frontage between October 30 and April 1.
  • No person shall use an RV for living, sleeping, or housekeeping purposes other than in a designated campground.
  • No person shall permit the wheels to be removed from an RV or Trailer or affix the RV to the ground to prevent its ready removal.
  • No person shall connect an RV to any public utility except for required servicing.

Residents parking their RV in front of their homes may result in enforcement action, including issuing of a violation ticket.


For more information:

High River Protective Services

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