Solid Waste Management Bylaw Sticker Campaign Starting June 3, 2024

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Solid Waste Management Bylaw Sticker Campaign Starting June 3, 2024

HIGH RIVER – As part of the ongoing implementation of the Solid Waste Management Bylaw, the Town of High River is launching a sticker campaign from June 3 to August 31, 2024. This campaign aims to highlight and educate on potential bylaw infractions that may be subject to fines in 2025.

Beginning Monday, June 3, the Public Works division will place stickers on garbage bins to inform residents of any specific bylaw infractions that must be addressed in compliance with the new Solid Waste Management Bylaw. Please be aware that garbage bins that do not adhere to these regulations may not be picked up.

Stickers Will Highlight the Following Infractions:

1 Meter Stickers:

Garbage bins must be at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from the nearest obstacle, including vehicles, trees, shrubs, and other garbage bins. This spacing is essential in allowing our garbage truck arms ample room to grab and empty the bins correctly. Bins that are too close together can cause issues during dumping, resulting in garbage left in the bins.

Household Waste Must Be Bagged and in the Bin:

All residential household garbage must be bagged and placed inside the collection bins. This measure prevents garbage from blowing onto roads and sidewalks during collection. Please note that garbage left beside the collection bin will not be collected by the trucks automatic collection arms.

Garbage Bin Lids Must Remain Closed:

All residential garbage bins must have their lids closed and cannot be overflowing. This helps prevent wildlife from accessing and scattering garbage in back alleys and roadways.

For a complete breakdown of bylaw infractions and potential fines in 2025, visit the Solid Waste Management Bylaw at

If you have any questions or concerns about your garbage collection, please contact our Public Works division at 403.652.4657 or

By working together and adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure a cleaner, safer, and more efficient waste collection system for the Town of High River.

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