Stay Safe, High River: Warmer Weather Causing Unsafe Ice

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Stay Safe, High River: Warmer Weather Causing Unsafe Ice

HIGH RIVER – With temperatures fluctuating and water bodies thawing, the Town of High River emphasizes the importance of ice safety for all residents, visitors, and pets. 

While winter provides enjoyable outdoor activities like hockey, ice skating, and ice fishing, it is essential to recognize the potential dangers fluctuating temperatures can cause to ice surfaces. 

Tips to ensure safety while enjoying outdoor activities: 

  • Be cautious during warmer weather as ice may be melting and unstable. 
  • Supervise children closely and keep pets on a leash when near icy areas. 
  • Avoid streams and areas with flowing water, even if they appear frozen. 
  • Assess the ice strength by its colour: 
    • Clear blue to black ice indicates strong, thick ice and is safest.
    • White opaque or snow ice should be avoided, as it may be weaker.
    • Grey ice suggests the presence of water or rotten ice and should never be trusted for support.

What do I do in an ice emergency? 

If you fall in, immediately call for help and have someone dial 9-1-1.

  • If you fall in, trying to climb out can break weak ice around you. Remember to stay calm and look toward the shore.
  • Place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface of the ice and work forward by kicking your feet. Doing this will help keep you horizontal and help you “swim” out of the hole.
  • Once you are lying on the ice, roll away from the hole and do not stand.
  • Crawl back towards your tracks and follow your tracks back to shore.

What do I do if I witness someone fall through the ice?

Rescuing another person from the ice can be dangerous. It is best to wait for trained professionals to arrive or wait for help from other bystanders.

  • Remember to stay calm and call 9-1-1.
  • Do not run up to the hole. You may break through and fall in.
  • Use an item on shore to extend out to them to help pull them out of the hole.

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