Supporting Sustainable Fishing: High River Stocking Emerson Lake

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Supporting Sustainable Fishing: High River Stocking Emerson Lake

HIGH RIVER - On May 3, 2024, 1400 Rainbow Trout and 200 Brown Trout were introduced to Emerson Lake. This annual fish stocking initiative is a collaboration between the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), and the Town of High River.

Why Stock Emerson Lake? 

The annual fish stocking initiative focuses on preserving natural habitats, ensuring that native species thrive, and maintaining the ecological balance of our lakes and water bodies. This local effort enhances recreational fishing opportunities and ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy recreational fishing surrounded by the natural beauty found in High River.

Visit the ACA Stocked Lakes Map for further information on the stocking process and a map of stocked lakes in our area.

Protecting Our Natural Habitats - #dontletitloose

In High River, we care about our natural environment and support AEP’s #dontletitloose program. To protect our local resources, do not release domestic Goldfish or other domestic water, plants or animals into storm ponds or any natural water bodies.

While Goldfish may seem harmless, they are a non-native species that threatens the health of our water bodies and surrounding ecosystems. They multiply rapidly and eat plants, insects, fish eggs, and small fish species.

Fishing Responsibilities - Know the Rules!

Don’t forget that fishing in Alberta requires a valid Alberta Sportfishing License. While residents and visitors under the age of 16 or over 65 are exempt from the sportfishing license, they must still adhere to Alberta’s sportfishing regulations. 

For more information on Alberta Sportfishing License, please visit Alberta RELM.

Remember to fish responsibly, safeguarding our lakes for future generations and ensuring our waters remain vibrant and thriving!


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