Town of High River Submits Notice of Appeal Regarding Rimrock Project Approval

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HIGH RIVER – On January 10, the Town of High River submitted a Notice of Appeal to Alberta’s Environmental Appeals Board regarding the approval of Rimrock Renewables Ltd. The Town notes in the Appeal that it will be directly affected by the approval because of its close proximity to the project, specifically listing potential impacts of water quality, traffic, noise, and air quality/odours on the Town and its residents.

In the Appeal, the Town is requesting the following:

  1. That the liquid digestate pond be fully contained in a tank system, or in the alternative, that the liquid digestate pond is covered to eliminate wind-blown odours that impact the residents of the Town.
  2. That stricter operational conditions are implemented for the construction and ongoing operation of the Project, and that the regulation of the Project be subject to the oversight of the Alberta Energy Regulator, noting that the Project is a fuel-producing facility producing combustible gas, which should be subject to the same level of oversight of a petroleum and natural gas plant.

As part of their Appeal, the Town has requested permission to present this information to the Environmental Appeals Board during the appeal hearing.

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