Pet Owners Reminded of Their Responsibilities in High River

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Town Reminding Residents of Their Responsibilities as Pet Owners

HIGH RIVER – From the Happy Trails to Downtown sidewalks and lake pathways, the Town of High River prides itself on creating beautiful and accessible pathways and outdoor spaces for all residents.

With this, the Town would like to remind residents of the Animal Control Bylaw and the pet owners' responsibilities while using local pathways and outdoor spaces.

Whether on the owner's property or not, dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their dog(s) comply with the expectations and requirements for public behaviour as stated in the Animal Control Bylaw.

Some of these expectations and requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The owner must maintain complete physical control (the dog is restrained by a leash not exceeding three meters in length) of the dog when using public pathways, outdoor spaces or walking along private property.
  • If an animal defecates on any public or private property other than the property of its owner, the owner shall remove the feces immediately and dispose of it in a waste container.
  • Dog owners must ensure their dog license is renewed annually.
  • The dog's owner must ensure that the dog is NOT running at large.
  • The owner of a nuisance dog or dangerous dog must ensure that the dog does not enter or remain in or on areas where dogs are prohibited, including areas with signs prohibiting dogs, school grounds, play surfaces, sports fields, golf courses, or stormwater retention ponds.
  • Owners are required to ensure pets do not chase other pets or animals.
  • The owner of a dog must not allow a dog to run alongside a moving vehicle, whether that dog is on a leash or not.
  • The owner of a dog must ensure that the dog does not excessively bark, howl, or otherwise make or cause excessive noise which disrupts any person and unreasonably interferes with a person's peaceful enjoyment of their property.

High River is an excellent place for dogs and people! Please be sure to follow the above rules in place for your dog's well-being and safety and to make sure we share trails and public spaces with respect and courtesy.

Individuals in contravention of the bylaw may face enforcement action up to and including the issuance of tickets or the animal being seized or impounded.

For more information on the Animal Bylaw, please visit or call our General Inquiries and Administration line at 403-603-3644.

To report an animal concern within the Town of High River, visit or call our 24/7 Bylaw Complaint Phoneline at 403-603-3643.

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