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Update June 12, 2022 - Heavy Rainfall Expected Week of June 13

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June 12, 2022, PSA 21:38 HRS



Update June 13, 11:30 AM

The current river flow levels are as follows:

Highwood River & Little Bow Canal: 41.5 cubic meters/second. The current river level is 1.64 Meters.

Highwood River at Diebel’s Ranch: 42.86 cubic meters/second. The current river level is 1.606 Meters.

Stay tuned to our social media and for more updates over the coming days.

Update June 12, 2022 - Heavy Rainfall Expected Week of June 13

HIGH RIVER – The Town of High River’s Protective Services team was advised at 9:17 PM, June 12, by the River Forecast Center, who is modelling an incoming rainstorm expected to increase the Highwood River level.

The amount of forecasted rain has the potential to raise flow rates on the Highwood River, but it’s not anticipated to cause any riverbank flooding. The Protective Services team will monitor the rivers while the advisory is in place.

Currently, the River Forecast Center is modelling peak flow rates between 350 - 400 Meters/Second. The River Forecast Center is anticipating a river level increase of 1.8 Meters above our current level, which is 1.62 Meters. Based on their forecasting, this would put the Highwood River into a Flood Watch status.

At this time, Environment Canada and the Alberta River Forecasters are issuing a flood watch. Residents will be notified if the status is changed to a Flood Warning.

The river flow peak is expected to happen on the evening of Tuesday, June 14. The River Forecast Center will be working to refine the model Monday morning. At this time, a more accurate prediction will be provided.

Protective Services will remain engaged with Environment Canada, the River Forecasting Centre, and the Provincial Operation Centre to ensure timely and accurate information is shared with the Town.

The Town of High River has completed our annual flood preparation plan and is prepared for any risk.

Stay tuned to our social media and for river updates in the coming days.


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