The Ospreys are Back! Please Do Not Disturb Nesting Birds

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HIGH RIVER – A nesting pair of ospreys has returned to a nesting platform along the Highwood River! The platform was moved to a new, more stable location north of the Beachwood area last February, away from riverbank erosion that will be repaired later this year.

The nesting platform is easy to spot. The public is asked to give the nesting birds a lot of distance over the coming months as they hatch eggs and raise their chicks. While the female remains with the nest, her partner is the sole provider for the family until the chicks can fly. Love nature from a distance - set those cameras to ZOOM for photos!

Human disturbance can cause the parents to temporarily leave the nest, and provide predators with an opening to snatch an egg or a baby chick from the nest:

“If food is abundant, two out of three chicks are usually able to fly after seven to nine weeks of constant parental care. Predation on eggs and young birds by crows, ravens, owls, gulls, and raccoons does not usually happen unless human activity has disturbed the parents.” Hinterland Who’s Who - Osprey

High River’s natural areas are a home for many wildlife species. Seeing the Osprey dive for fish along the Highwood River is a highlight for birdwatchers and others who appreciate nature so close to our doorstep.

Welcome back Osprey Family!

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Town of High River

Photo credit: Mayor Craig Snodgrass, Town of High River

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