Stay Informed – Annual River Monitoring Begins in High River

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Stay Informed – Annual River Monitoring Begins in High River

HIGH RIVER—Ensuring the safety and security of all High River residents, homes, and businesses remains a priority for the Town Council and the Town's Protective Services team. That's why we are starting our annual river monitoring efforts to keep our community informed and protected.

How to Stay Informed:

  • LED River Monitoring Signs: During the peak season from May to July, LED signs will be placed in high-traffic areas, these signs will be activated should there be a significant change in river flows outside of normal conditions.
  • Data Collection: Our staff collects and analyzes data specific to the Bow River Basin, including the Highwood River. This includes real-time information on snowpack levels and snowmelt rates.
  • Stream Flow and Volume Monitoring: By monitoring stream flows and volumes at critical stations, we can assess the river's condition and potential risks. River flows and volumes can be viewed on the Rivers Alberta website or by downloading the Rivers Alberta application on your mobile device.

Friday, May 24 River Monitoring Update:

  • Snowpack Levels: Current snowpack in our river basin is within the normal range for this time of year.
  • Flow Rates: Current flows are within the normal flow ranges for spring runoff conditions. The current flow rate is around 26 cubic meters per second.
  • Normal Flow Rates for Spring: Normal flow rates from mid-May to the beginning of June are between 19-46 cubic meters per second.
  • Upcoming Weather: Precipitation is forecasted for next week; however, we are not expecting to see any significant changes in the river flows as a result. Later in the week, temperatures are expected to warm, resulting in a slow melt of the snowpack.

Stay Updated: 

From the end of May until mid-June, residents and visitors are encouraged to visit and our social media channels for weekly river monitoring updates.

Important Note: 

The Highwood River flows through multiple jurisdictions. Stream advisories may be issued by the province or other Municipalities, which might not impact High River directly. Be sure to follow the Town of High River on social media for the most accurate information.

In Case of Emergency:

If there is a change in flow rates or potential risk, LED signs will be activated. In addition, our Protective Services staff will issue information to the community and alerts if required. In an emergency, residents will also receive automatic notifications from Alberta Emergency Alerts on wireless devices.

Stay connected and informed by regularly checking our river monitoring webpage for updates and information. Your safety is our priority.


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